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25 Jul 2013 | Wellington, NZ

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Garann Means

Garann is a JavaScript developer from Austin, Texas, USA. She works at Editorially, where she tries to use front-end technologies to make it easier for people around the world to buy and sell handmade and vintage treasures. She's the author of Node for Front-End Developers, the organizer of Austin All-Girl Hack Night and Girl Develop It Austin, and one of the co-hosts of the Fripfrap podcast.


Julia Grace

Julia is the engineering lead at Tindie (tindie.com, "Etsy for electronics") where she writes Python every day. In her prior life she was CTO of WeddingLovely, product manager at a mid-stage startup, and a research engineer as part of one of the world's top User Experience Research groups at IBM Almaden Research.


Zach Holman

Zach joined GitHub in 2010 as one of their first engineering hires. Initially working on what would become GitHub Enterprise, he now hacks on new features and frequently gives talks about building products and growing startups. He lives in San Francisco.


Rob Conery

Rob Conery is the Co-Founder of Tekpub.com Creator of This Developer's Life, an Author, Speaker, A bit of a malcontent, and cares for many, many Open Source libraries such as Massive, SubSonic, and Manatee


Ryan Seddon

Ryan is a Senior Front-end Developer from Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia - who has an unnat­ural obses­sion with JavaS­cript and the many places it runs. He also loves to tinker with any new web tech­no­logy he can get his hands on, loves diving into specs and code to fig­ure out more. In his spare time he’s either play­ing bas­ket­ball, writ­ing for his blog thecssninja.com or com­mit­ting code to github.


François Marier

François is a software engineer on the Mozilla Identity team where he fights for the Open Web by building alternatives to proprietary silos. When he's not busy re-implementing Open Source versions of popular Web services (libravatar.org) or dreaming about solving the password problem on the Web once and for all, François has a goal of completing all of the New Zealand Great Walks. http://feeding.cloud.geek.nz


Jason Kiss

Jason advises on web standards and accessibility for the
New Zealand Government, and is a contributing editor on the W3C's HTML to Platform Accessibility APIs Implementation Guide. In his spare time, he occasionally performs research on HTML5, WAI-ARIA, and accessibility, which he publishes at accessibleculture.org. Otherwise, he's pretty boring.


Amy Palamountain

Amy is a developer at GreenButton, where she helps take the High Performance Computing space up into the clouds. She spends her days hacking primarily in .NET and JavaScript. Amy is madly in love with building awesome software, and finding new and interesting ways to do so.


Walter Rumsby

Walter Rumsby is a front-end developer for Xero in Auckland. He has been building web-based user interfaces with JavaScript & CSS since 1998. He is an organiser of the Auckland JavaScript Meetup.


Alex Gibson

Now a software engineer at Powershop, Alex was half of the team that won the Mix and Mash supreme award in 2011, with an interactive visualisation entry, ‘100 Companies’. Since then, Alex has been researching with UX experts & psychologists to find out better ways to visualise large amounts data in easily digestible formats.


Donald Gordon

Donald was Xero’s first Operations Developer, and is the architect of their build, deployment and monitoring systems. He’s been coding since a ZX Spectrum crossed his path at an early age.


Nicolas Steenhout

Nicolas Steenhout is a veteran of, and passionate advocate for, web accessibility. Nic had taken the lead in building several websites prior to taking up a federally-funded position in the disability sector in the US in 1996. An international speaker, trainer and consultant, Nic works with government, corporations, and small teams, in the areas of both web and physical disability. Working with and for thousands of people with disabilities in North America and Australasia, while working with web technologies and their impact, has given Nic a unique insight into the challenges, solutions, nuts and bolts of web accessibility.


Lynn Hamilton

Lynn Hamilton is the Mobile API Developer at Xero. She writes the API framework used by Xero's iOS and Android applications. She's interested in all things mobile related, and has a passion for business intelligence and user analytics. She's been writing code since she was six and likes kittens.

Wdcnz_section_icon_black Programme

8am Registration
9am Open
Location Unplugged: Handling Geospatial Data Across the Stack
More Git and GitHub Secrets
10.40am Break
Taking the pain out of signing users in
or ...
The Loading Point: How Little Modules Can Make a Big Difference
The future of web app development with components
or ...
Make Your Widgets Sing with ARIA
12.50pm Lunch
The Accessibilty Panel
With Jason Kiss, Julia Grace, Garann Means and Nicolas Steenhout.
Hosted by Lynn Hamilton
Accessibility Mythbusting
or ...
Data Driven Delirious: An introduction into data visualisation using d3.js
Exist in the web - not just on it
or ...
Lather, Rinse, Release.
3.50pm Break
The Javascript Inferno
Better templates from the ground up with Node.js
6pm Closing
5mins later Bar Opens
6 till 9pm The Xero After Party

Wdcnz_section_icon Venue


Michael Fowler Centre

111 Wakefield Street, Wellington. Near the waterfront, next to Civic Square
and by the popular Cuba Street (with all the good stuff: food, coffee & bars).

Eats And Drinks

We will keep you well fed and watered throughout the day
with good quality coffee (People’s Coffee) and fine foods.
If you have any dietary requirements, (we look after you too),
just let us know when you are buying tickets.

Xero After Party 6pm - 9pm

What better way to relax after an info-packed day of presentations
than having a few quiets with speakers and your fellow attendees
at the Xero after party.

Kicking off after the last keynote, we’ll have some light nibbles
to top you up and Xero have put down a bar tab... it’s worth sticking around.

Places To Stay

We’ve reached out to the local hotels, who have given us some
sweet rates, all subject to availability - so get in quick:

Amora Hotel

West Plaza Hotel

  • 110/116 Wakefield Street, Wellington
  • 1 minute to venue
  • reservations@westplaza.co.nz
  • 0800 731 444
  • Booking no: 333933
  • Rooms available from $135 inc GST & breakfast (only available if booked direct with hotel)

Museum Hotel

  • 90 Cable Street, Wellington
  • 5 minutes to venue
  • groups@museumhotel.co.nz
  • Booking no: JF10
  • Special discount of 10% off best available rate at time of booking


  • 292 Wakefield Street, Wellington
  • 8 mins away
  • Lisa.Gebbels@yha.co.nz
  • +64 4 801 7280
  • Booking no: WDCNZ
  • Rates available from $31 per person

Nomads Capital

  • 118-120 Wakefield Street, Wellington
  • 1 minute to venue
  • info@nomadscapital.com
  • +64 5 08 666237
  • Booking reference: WDCNZ
  • Receive a 10% discount off listed rates

Get a ticket and spread word via twitter, facebook or whatever works.

See you there!

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